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February 20 “Vanspiration”

I downloaded Chris On’s eBook, “The Van Dweller’s Dilemma,” a few days ago. She runs a fantastic website called Defying Normal. Definitely check it out if you have any vagabond tendencies, and still peep it even if you’re just mildly interested in DIY work. Her posts are well-organized and highly detailed. I have just begun to scratch the surface of her archives, but it’s safe to say that she’s created an awesome resource for anyone looking at getting into #vanlife.

For example: check out this gear list.


I discovered her website through r/vandwelling, which had a link to a timelapse video of her 32 month build.


It has me thinking about inspiration. Inspiration is basically my coping mechanism for life. I don’t care if it’s a pint of Poet (shout out to Michigan craft beers, thank you for your service) at the end of a long day, or finally nailing a guitar part on a recording, or even just a really damn good song on the radio. Like any true addict, I’ll take it wherever I can get it. Very often, that white light has travel at the other end. I get antsy when there’s no airline reservation in the ol’ inbox. (A Spirit reservation is like ibuprofen that never quite kicks in).

I wrote the first half of this post before going in to work last night. At the end of the night, we were closing up and got to talking about beer, which turned into the subject of life and politics and how to live deeply in this world. It’s something special to be surrounded by people that “get it.” Sometimes people just glow your color and everybody wins.

I think that’s what some of us chase with travel. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met all around the country who get that look in their eye when you say “New Orleans,” and suddenly they’re talking twice as fast and their pitch shoots up an octave. That’s inspiration. And those are your people. (Side note: one time I had a few hours to kill at LGA so I went to the bar to write emails and hang out, and somehow the bartender sussed out my obsession with NOLA, which led to him revealing his obsession with NOLA, which led to the couple down the bar and the lone business guy in his business suit swapping New Orleans stories while the bartender made us complimentary tiny Bloody Marys. Primo example of why I love both New Orleans and NYC.)

I’ve been mildly surprised by how magnanimous the dweller community is with information. Then I realized it’s because these people are truly inspired. Why would you not want to stoke the fire that stoked you? It’s awesome.

And it’s working.


Best Floors Forever.


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